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更新时间:2017-09-10 07:15           作者:小站教育/YOUNG老师

摘要:与往年不同,自2016年起,独立口语出新题的概率大大增加。新题与旧题各占50%左右,且比例相当稳定。每场考试基本以“一新一旧”形式出题。新题难度明显加大。独立口语S1一定只与历年考试的S1重复。同理,S2也只与历年的S2重复,绝不会与任何一道S1重复。希望考生能区别不同题型的答题要点和答题方法,对阵下药。例:2016年9月25日的独立口语S2,重复20151219CN的S2就重复规律而言,重复前一年北美地区考题的概率最高,因此2015年北美考题为复习的重中之重。其次,2013、2014年大陆的题目命中率也相当高。值得注意的是,“同一道题考过两次就再不会考“这种说法其实大错特错。相反,重复考过2次以上的题目往往最容易再次出现。 2016年的所有旧题,大部分都重复考过2次甚至3次以上,几乎没有与14、15年新题重复的情况。建议考生着重复习2015年北美、2013&2014年大陆的口语题。

机经口碑: 9.50
  • 考试日期: 2017-09-17
  • 机经类别: 重点预测 | 大范围预测 | Super66
  • 发布状态: 已发布
  • 科目类型: 独立写作
  • 试题数量: 80











托福独立写作 Independent Writing 共80题

第1题 来源:北美 话题分类:Education 属性:重点预测

Some parents do not agree with the way teachers are teaching their children. Do you think that parents should express their disapproval to the teachers?
总观点: 支持向老师表达意见。 分论点1: 家长向老师表达意见是件正常的事。 论述:运用了自然延伸的论证方法,阐述了家长有权利关注自己孩子的成长并保护孩子不受伤害。 分论点2: 家长表达个人对于教育的想法是合理的。 论述: 运用了自然延伸和举例的论证方式,提到向老师提意见是件好事,并且以自己的经历为例进一步支持了分论点的论述。 让步段: 向老师提意见也会有一些问题存在。 论述: 运用了自然延伸的论证方式,说明了向老师提意见可能出现的问题。 结论: 家长应该和老师交流意见。
Teachers play an important role when children are young. However, nowadays more and more parents are concerned about whether their children can be well educated by teachers. Sometimes, they have different opinions about teacher’s teaching methods, but they wonder if it’s proper to tell the teacher directly. As for me, I think parents should express their disagreement. Firstly, It is normal that parents communicate with teachers about different opinions, whatever the teacher are fond of or not. No one would deny that sending their kids to school, parents have the right to pay close attention to the growth of their kids. There

第2题 来源:大陆 话题分类:Family 属性:重点预测

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the past young people depended on their parents for making decisions. Today young people are better able to make decisions on their own.
Two-way Brainstorming Agree Introduction In many ways today’s young people are in a better position to take life into their own hands and make decisions for themselves than those in the past. Main body 1 Parents have more respect for their children’s ideas. Parents in the past were very authoritative. They used to make all the decisions for children. Now they are willing to listen to kid’s opinions. Main body 2 Information gives young people more power. •Many young people were born in Information Age. They use information better than their parents. They are more able to make informed decisions. Main Body 3 Young people are more creative and independent. Schools encourage them to rely on themselves. Their independent thinking is valued by society. Problem-solving skills are part of their training. Conclusion Recent social trends have empowered young people by giving them more opportunities to make decisions for themselves.
Model Answer: agree Looking around our families or neighborhoods, it’s easy to discover that a great many parents are delight in making decisions for their children and never get tired of it. But some people claim that in many ways, today’s young people are in a better position to take life into their own hands and make decisions for themselves than those in the past. As for me, I am in agreement with the viewpoint above, and my reasons and examples are given below. First of all, parents now have more respect for their children’s ideas. It cannot be denied that parents in the past were very authoritative and used to make all the decisions for chil

第3题 来源:北美 话题分类:Education 属性:重点预测

Some people think it would help students to learn if teachers give time for discussion in class, others think that class discussion is unnecessary. What is your opinion and why?
Two-way Brainstorming To discuss in class 1. To identify the problems in understanding 2. To practise communication skills 3. To reinforce what we have acquired in class Not to discuss 1. Discussion is less effective as there are too many topics in the process to distract people. 2. Arguments in the discussion without too much evidence is barely a waste of time, which may also lead to quarrels in the end. 3. The noise made by class discussion may interfere students in the nearby classrooms.
Model Answer: Not to discuss Innovation, in the contemporary society when creative ideas are advocated worldwide, not only lies its significance in high-tech industries, but in education. A handful of techniques have been introduced into classroom in order to make the teachers better understood. Specifically, discussion in class is a controversial one, the pros and cons of which have equalized. To me, I hold a negative view. To start with, discussion is less effective as there are too many topics in the process to distract people. No matter how many advantages in-call discussion may bring students, all the merits come about based on one premise—students are keen to the topic discussed.

第4题 来源:北美 话题分类:Work 属性:重点预测

A leader should have strong opinions and do not change his or her mind on these opinions.
Two-way Brainstorming Agree 1. A leader makes strategic plans, which directs the organization and is unchangeable. 2. Effective employees should make the strategic plan the leader made possible rather than deny it in the process. 3. A leader keeps adjusting his opinion according to others’ judgement is not reliable enough. Disagree 1. A leader should make a decision based on others’ expertise. 2. Innovative ideas should be welcomed. 3. Proper adjustment to the leader’s decision is to make the implementation process smooth.
Model Answer: Agree Unlike the traditional organizations where the leader decided everything, modern companies encourage democracy that leaders welcome innovative suggestions from staff. In some cases, in order to encourage staff to think creatively, there are special rewards for anyone who proposes contributing ideas. Nevertheless, concerning the effectiveness of a leader, he/she should still be determined, not easily affected by others’ opinions. To begin with, a leader makes strategic plans, which directs the organization and is unchangeable. A strategic plan is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guid

第5题 来源:大陆 话题分类:Education 属性:重点预测

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: All university students should take basic science courses regardless of their fields of study.
总观点:在校大学生不用选修基本科学课程 分论点1:大学应该是一个人们专修适合自己性格和特长专业的地方 论述:举反例论证若大学生一年都学科学课程所带来的弊端 分论点2:人们不能低估兴趣的影响,特别是在大学阶段 论述:从逼迫学生学习自己不敢兴趣课程的弊端和科学专业学生本身根本不用学习科学基础课程两个反面来进行论述 分论点3:额外的课程会收取额外的费用并且需要额外教学资源的投入 论述:给出两个合理的解决方案。学校可以选择出高价请新的教师或者抽调现有的部分教师来上课。 结论:大学本身应该更注重专业课程的提升而不是一些基础课程
As the so-called cradle of knowledge and talents, universities are often placed with too much expectation as if they can reshape a student into a person with omniscience after years of university study. Facts always go against the grain however. Then we can hear almost the same voice from the media, “we need a more comprehensive course structure to cover every spot of how the world functions”. Yet with a second thought, does the word really make sense, or does the society really expect university graduates to be in that way? Hopefully not. Therefore, I am fully against the idea of introducing basic science into university course system and advocate a more practical sense to view university education. First of all, a reasonable definition of university is a place where people can get professional knowledge in the field they choose. For the first day a student entering into the university, s/he embraces the dream to become a specialist in a specific area. With that goal rooted in mind, s/he selects major related courses, attends useful seminars or wo