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托福独立写作 Independent Writing 共38题

第1题 来源:大陆 话题分类:Education 属性:大范围重点预测

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: All university students should take basic science courses regardless of their fields of study.
总观点:在校大学生不用选修基本科学课程 分论点1:大学应该是一个人们专修适合自己性格和特长专业的地方 论述:举反例论证若大学生一年都学科学课程所带来的弊端 分论点2:人们不能低估兴趣的影响,特别是在大学阶段 论述:从逼迫学生学习自己不敢兴趣课程的弊端和科学专业学生本身根本不用学习科学基础课程两个反面来进行论述 分论点3:额外的课程会收取额外的费用并且需要额外教学资源的投入 论述:给出两个合理的解决方案。学校可以选择出高价请新的教师或者抽调现有的部分教师来上课。 结论:大学本身应该更注重专业课程的提升而不是一些基础课程
As the so-called cradle of knowledge and talents, universities are often placed with too much expectation as if they can reshape a student into a person with omniscience after years of university study. Facts always go against the grain however. Then we can hear almost the same voice from the media, “we need a more comprehensive course structure to cover every spot of how the world functions”. Yet with a second thought, does the word really make sense, or does the society really expect university graduates to be in that way? Hopefully not. Therefore, I am fully against the idea of introducing basic science into university course system and advocate a more practical sense to view university education. First of all, a reasonable definition of university is a place where people can get professional knowledge in the field they choose. For the first day a student entering into the university, s/he embraces the dream to become a specialist in a specific area. With that goal rooted in mind, s/he selects major related courses, attends useful seminars or wo

第2题 来源:北美 话题分类:Activity 属性:大范围重点预测

Some people say that teachers and parents should decide what assignment or activities children should do after school. Others say that children should make these decisions on their own. Which view do you agree with and why?
总观点: 同意老师和家长决定孩子们的课后活动。 分论点1: 家长和老师经验丰富,能够给予孩子更有效的建议和帮助。 论述:运用举例的论证方法,以Bob为例,阐述了母亲对他的帮助,因而支持了分论点1。 分论点2: 能够预防孩子进行危险活动。 论述: 运用了自然延伸和举例的论证方式,提到孩子缺乏常识,很多时候无法做出正确的抉择,并以发生在自己家乡的一件事为例进一步支撑分论点2。 让步段: 孩子进行自己喜爱的活动会获得更多快乐,但是有家长和老师的帮助,他们会收获更多。 论述: 运用了举例论证方式,以表哥为例,阐述了他的老师对他的帮助。 结论: 让家长和老师来决定孩子的课后活动会更好。
Nowadays, some claim that kids should choose what to do after school by themselves because parents and teachers could not know what children really like. However, in my opinion, both teachers and parents should be responsible for children's mental and physical health, so they are entitled to make decisions about children’s after-class activities. To start with, parents and teachers have abundant life experience, so they can give some really useful and helpful suggestions to students, which can help them learn things more efficiently and effectively. After all, children need to be cultivated to form good habits. Take my little brother Bob for example. Bob is a boy who loves to read books a lot, and he regards author as his future career. However, what he does is only to read some novels for several months because he knows little about how to improve writing skills. Fortunately, his

第3题 来源:北美 话题分类:Education 属性:大范围重点预测

Someone thinks that scores should be the sum total of the scores of many assignment while others think that the scores should be the results of 1 or 2 exams. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
总观点: 个人认为成绩应该由作业的成绩进行综合。 分论点1:现在的评分体系并不能客观地反映事实。 论述:运用了自然顺延的论证方法,阐述了如果有学生在一两次考试中失败就会失去进入理想大学的机会,然后以自己为例进行了展开。 分论点2: 现在的评分体系对培养孩子健康的学习习惯不利。 论述: 运用了自然顺延的方式,阐述了这样的评分体系就会造成一些学生花心思得高分而不是真正钻研和学习知识。 让步段: 承认现在的评分系统的一些优势。 论述: 但是,总体来说弊大于利。 结论: 支持将多次作业成绩进行综合的评分系统。
On contemporary society, scores serve as a decisive factor in one’s future. Thus, someone holds that the present marking system has its deficiency and appeals to the relevant people to perfect the Grading System. In my opinion, I agree with proposal for the following reasons. First and foremost, the present Grading System cannot objectively reflect the truth. It is not fair for someone who performs well but accidently fails to the 1 or 2 exams because they will lose the chance to be admitted to their desired universities. Take my experience as an example. I was the top student in my senior high school and got the high marks in every month exams but

第4题 来源:北美 话题分类:Environment 属性:大范围重点预测

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People now can better protect the environment than they could in the past.
总观点: 不认为现在人们能够更好地保护环境。 分论点1: 来自交通工具和工厂的污染越来越严重。 论述:运用了自然延伸的方式说明了来自交通工具和工厂的污染是如何变得越来越严重的。 分论点2: 树木被砍伐的数量也在快速的上升。 论述: 运用了自然延伸的论证方式,阐述了是什么导致了树木被砍伐的数量的增加。 分论点3: 猎杀动物也对环境造成了很大的破坏。 论述: 运用了自然延伸和举例的论证方式,阐述了分论点3的观点。 结论: 尽管现代人们有更先进的方法来保护环境,但是已遭破坏的环境却难以恢复。
I disagree that people now can better protect the environment than they could in the past. As technology develops, in order to satisfy the increasing population’s demand of natural products, people do harm on environment through creating pollutions, cutting down trees and hunting animals. Although people gradually realize the significance of protecting the environment they are living in, the damages they’ve done is hard to recover. Firstly, the number of pollutions from transportations and factories is growing in a high rate. When time goes by, people become richer and are also able to buy more high-technology products such as cars. Like other products, cars can provide convenience and can help people save their time, so most people want to use them. In this way, factories need to manufacture a great number

第5题 来源:北美 话题分类:Education 属性:大范围重点预测

do you agree or disagree with the parents should let children make mistake and let them learn from their own mistrake
总观点: 家长应该允许自己的孩子犯错并通过这种方式来成长。 分论点1: 错误使我们意识到自己的缺点然后进行修正和进步。 论述:运用了自然延伸和举例论证的方式说明了尽管错误让我们感到不舒服但是我们能够从中有所收获,然后以自己准备托福考试为例进一步展开说明。 分论点2: 家长过多地干预孩子的生活会对他们形成负面的影响。 论述: 运用了自然延伸的论证方式,阐述了这种负面影响是如何形成的。 让步段: 有些严重的问题确实需要家长的干预。 论述: 但是多数情况下,应该给孩子足够的成长空间。 结论: 家长应该允许孩子们经历挫折然后学习和成长。
Although nobody likes mistake, we also know that no one is perfect and everyone will make mistake. Each mistake brings us to be close to maturity. Therefore, I maintain that parents should allow their children to make mistake and let them learn from their own mistake. First and foremost, mistake allows us to realize our disadvantage thus we are able to improve us. Although mistake makes us experience disappointment, we can still learn important lessons from our mistake. For example, last month I took the TOEFL test. The grade really disappointed me. However, after careful reading and analyzing the comment, I know my listening and speaking are my weaknesses, and then I make proper plans
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